Bio Enegry

What is Bio Enegry

Bio-Energy is the universal force that powers all things from a single atom to the largest galaxy, including the human body. thousands of years ago, Oriental cultures understood the nature of universal energy, It was called "Chi" by the Chinese. "KI" by the Japanese and "Prana" by the people of India., and developed systems of healing based on their understanding of nature's power.

Today, from the understanding of energy have come natural techniques which Micheal applies for healing and strengthening the body by balancing its own bio-energy. He demonstrates how the body's own energy has the power to unify mind, body, spirit and consciousness of the world around us.

The Body's Energy Field

Because the body generates energy, it is surrounded by an energy field, just like a wire carrying electrical power is surrounded by magnetic field. The body's energy field is actually visible to some of us, in the form of an aura of colours. Perhaps the ability to see that aura depends on the eyes structural development, but invisible or not, the aura represents an essential key to bio-energy healing. Relatively few people understand the nature of the body's energy field only because in the traditional academic setting, we are taught only the anatomical aspect of the body.

Energy Blockages

Illness be it physical, emotional or spiritual in nature is the result of the body's life force being blocked some where. The blockages breaks the body's energy pattern, just as short circuit disrupts electrical power. Blockages can be caused by many types of energy imbalances which lessen the body's ability to fight off the assaults our bodies are vulnerable to eg. everyday pressure, disease and psychological pressure.

Locating The Problem

The life force which surrounds the body can actually be manipulated to locate and release blockages and serves as a healing power. The healers hands scan the body to locate breaks or blockages in its energy fields, which are detectable even though the hands of the healer do not touch the body.

A break or block could reveal itself to the hands of the healer in any of several sensations - a feeling of lightness, heaviness, wetness or heat. Different techniques of the hand movement manipulation are used for various parts of the body. The body is touched on in cases of extreme cases of extreme blockages, with application of light pressure on different meridians in parts of the body such as the shoulders, lower back, knees and soles of the feet.

Healing Hands

The healers hand movement tap into the energy field to release pressure from various parts of the body and unblock different channels of energy flow. Sometimes beneficial results are immediate as often happens with asthma sufferers for example, but with extreme blockages it can take from two or three months for some people to experience the benefits. Once the blockages are cleared, energy is balanced out in the body, and the body begins to heal itself Bio-Energy healing offers relief from emotional stress as well as physical ailments.