Iron Shirt


Iron Shirt Chi-Kung, once known as a martial art until the gun was invented, then the bullet killed people. It's divided into five levels, the structure (bones), the mind, the physical, the meditation, the emotional. If there is a weakness in the bones it won't last, the body can take pressure of 800 lbs, it takes a ton weight to break a bone, it's like a house and its foundation it has to be good to last.

The Mind

The mind controls the body. Your mind is like blink of an eye that now fast thought is processed so the heart houses the mind. When the heart is calm the mind is calm.

The Physical

The physical in Iron Shirt is for the muscles, tendons and sinews, this part of the training is protecting the external and internal organs. We use steel rods for this training, you are tapping and striking the meridian lines in the body. The lines go from the head to the feet, it goes down the front mu points and the back su points. you have to know the accupoints to practise Iron Shirt. The benefits are, you are detoxing the organs and strengthening the bones, tendons and sinews by striking with the steel rod, so it's packing the chi in which serves as a cushion around the organs as well as protecting the vital organs.


Earthing The Body

This is a highly skilled martial art. Martial artists will know how to root the body as it's part of your training when you start. It can take up to 12 months in training to achieve this level but you continue training, it's like breathing, you don't think about it. as with the meridians one has to get the flow going through the body, to serve and nourish the soul or spirit in the body. To achieve this one has to learn how to condense the chi into a ball of energy, transforming and moving the chi, changing negative energy into positive energy. This is one of the most important functions Iron-Shirt Chi-Kung.

By changing it, it enables one to control his or her chi, leaking out of the body. When your energy leaks out your body starts to deplete like a nail stuck in a tyre, it is leaking out slowly only when you stop and look at the tyre its nearly flat, just like HBP and LBP. This is why the packing in Iron Shirt Chi-Kung in the external organs and internal organs is preformed, it protects the organs.


Iron Shirt is for your health and well-being. It's to stop the body from depleting and keeping the sick energy out. There is one bar of pressure per square inch in the body so by using the meridian lines we are cleaning out stagnation in the organs, so when we are doing this we are cleaning out from the head, shoulders, arm, back front and sides, all the way down the legs, a clean sweep of the body. This training was done to build up the higher levels of energy in the body, by standing, breathing, locking the energy to the internal organs to a higher level for cultivating the body and preventing injuries and sickness in the body. So the Iron Shirt is for the mind, body and spirit and ones well being.

"The only pressure one should have is the pressure in a tyre, Not in the body."