Tai Chi


Tai-Ji-Quan was founded by a daoist priest named Zang Sanfeng from the Wu Dang mountains in China. Legend has it that Zhangs first realization of this art came after seeing a bird and snake fighting. He was meditating in his hut when he heard a bird attacking a snake. He watched as the snake yielded and counter attacked all the movement of the bird. if the bird tried to seize the tail of the snake, the snake struck back with its head, if the head was attacked the snake countered with its tail, likewise, if the centre of the snakes body was attacked both the head and tail responded. Zhang though this was very clever and this led to his invention of Tai-Ji-Quan.

Tai Chi Pushing Hands

Internal & External Energy Work

The first example would be solo single pushing hand, where two students practice, one is pushing and one is yielding just like the snake and the bird. The next step is double hand techniques, one is pushing and one is yielding and then vice versa. You are going from a sticking palm to a single whip to a large roll back in pushing hands. You coil and spring the spine in order to get the person off the ground, your body must spring back, you release the energy to take the person off the ground, one has to be a very advanced teacher to achieve this.

You are sensing your opponents intentions, slow training at first and listening to your opponents jing (internal power) So you are sensing, you're listening and discharging your energy in order to get your opponent off the ground without touching them.

My Journey

37 Years

My journey with Tai Chi in the past 37 years has developed my health in mind, body and spirit. If possible, if one can do a half hour in the morning and evening they will find that they are more alert, it will improve your circulation, heart condition, flexibility and sharpness. So if you're a student practising Tai Chi and Chi Kung brilliant, good for you as it will open many doors to a more positive attitude.