Dialysis 2015

Micheal Enright and Zdenko Domanic


Hope you had a lovely Christmas. This is just a little card to say thank you so much for everything you've done for me this year. Its the best I've felt in 6 years. Wishing you and your family, health and happiness in 2016.

Cancer 2015

Micheal Enright and Zdenko Domanic


Many thanks for your help in my recovery from Cancer. I am now back to full health and feeling great. very much appreciated. Wishing you all the best and keep up the good work.

Breast Cancer 2015

Micheal Enright and Zdenko Domanic

My Dear Mike,

Just to say it has been 3 years now since my diagnosis of Breast Caner and I am doing really well. I put this down to your healing help. The sessions that I spent with you prior to starting my conventional treatment really prepared my body and mind and gave me the strength and positivity to beat my cancer and helped me to endure the gruelling therapy that i had to go through.

I truly believe that I am here today and doing so well because of you. You are in my thoughts daily and your words give me the encouragement to live well. I owe you so much, I still feel a deep connection with you although we are so far apart.

I will hopefully be back in Ireland next year and would very much like to come and see you again. You are truly a wonderfully gifted gentleman. I feel privileged to have met you and be treated by you.

My Angel Mike!

Denghi Fever 2014

Micheal Enright and Zdenko Domanic

There is no medical cure in any part of the world for Denghi Fever from mosquito bites.

While on holidays in Thailand last June 2014 I contracted Denghi Fever. Denghi Fever is a viral infection that is spread trough mosquito bites and can be fatal as it causes a huge drop in platelets which can cause different parts of the body to haemorrhage. Other symptoms include severe weight loss, passing of blood, high temperatures, vomiting and diahorrhea.

I was admitted to hospital in Thailand as my symptoms got worse. The hospital was reluctant to let me fly due to the severity of my condition. I needed to get back home as there was a mistake with the travel insurance. Modern medicine has no cure or vacation for Denghi Fever.

I rang Mike Enright in Clare from Thailand and he started to treat me from Ireland. He asked me and I told him the specific times I would be entering the plane of which he would treat me before boarding. My wife was good enough to send on photos which Mike used to treat me. I felt great relief after the phone call and I firmly believe that I would not have made it through all the flights if weren't for Mike.

On my return to Ireland my GP wrote a lengthy letter to CUH Cork advising them that I needed immediate medical care. Their response was:


This was the response I got from modern medicine. Mike continued to treat me in the presence and absence for months to follow. He shared his knowledge and expertise when nobody else did. As a reult of the treatments I made a full recovery.

I am forever great full and blessed for all healing I have received.

Dislocated Arm, Baby 2014

Micheal Enright and Zdenko Domanic

Dear Michael,

We would most sincerely like to Thank you for everything you have done for our son. We have only started to see recovery in his hand since we started seeing you. You are truly amazing and a true healer. I don't feel we will ever be able to fully repay you. You are a light and radiate goodness. We always looked forward to seeing you and I know jack's recovery only started with you!. The specialist in Dublin were amazed with Jacks progress.

Thank you so much Michael.